IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology
varga.anna [at]
+36 28 360-122/160
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Silvopastoral systems (wood pastures, forest grazing) research in the Carphatian-basin. I use interdisciplinary methods (ethnobiological, landscape historical, ecological) during my work.

Main profile in keywords: 
silvopastoral systems, environmental history, ethnobiology
Selected publications:


Demeter, L., Bede-Fazekas, Á., Molnár, Zs., Csicsek, G. Ortmann-Ajkai, A., Varga, A., Molnár, Á., Horváth, F. (2020): The legacy of management approaches and abandonment on old‑growth attributes in hardwood floodplain forests in the Pannonian Ecoregion European Journal of Forest Research 139: 595-610


Öllerer K., Varga A., Kirby K., Demeter L., Biró M., Bölöni J., Molnár Z (2019): Beyond the obvious impact of domestic livestock grazing on temperate forest vegetation – A global review Biological Conservation 237: 209–219


Roellig Marlene, Costa Augusta, Garbarino Matteo, Hanspach Jan, Hartel Tibor, Jakobsson Simon, Lindborg Regina, Mayr Sabine, Plieninger Tobias, Sammul Marek, Varga Anna, Fischer Joern (2018): Post Hoc Assessment of Stand Structure Across European Wood-Pastures: Implications for Land Use Policy Rangeland Ecology & Management 71: (5) pp. 526-535


Varga A, Molnár Zs, Biró M, Demeter L, Gellény K, Miókovics E, Molnár Á, Molnár K, Ujházy N, Ulicsni V, Babai D (2016): Changing year-round habitat use of extensively grazing cattle, sheep and pigs in East-Central Europe between 1940 and 2014: Consequences for conservation and policy. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment. 234:142–153.


Varga Anna, Molnár Zsolt (2014): The Role of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Managing Wood-pastures. In: Hartel, T., Plininger, T.: European Wood-pastures in Transition. Routledge. pp.187-202.ISBN-13: 978-0415869898