Katalin TÖRÖK, PhD

team leader, research associate professor
IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology
torok.katalin [at] okologia.mta.hu
+36 28 360-122, 360-147 / 123, 116
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Global drivers of conservation success and impact on ecosystem services are my other field of interest.

1) Restoration ecology
My research interest is the habitat rehabilitation of dry Pannonian grasslands. By experimenting primarily in the field, I am interested in the ecological processes induced by different treatments and in the key factors constraining restoration success

2) Long-term ecological research (LTER)
Our research is conducted at the Kiskun LTER site, part of the international network. My activities include organization within the European LTER research infrastructure.

3) Impacts of environmental drivers
Threats to natural ecosystems and their impact is another issue of my research. Studies on the impacts of global drivers on vegetation and naturalness of ecosystems and their interactions are further topics of my interest.

4) Science-polcy interface
A long experience in biodiversity monitoring and organization of ecosystem data and knowledge for decision support lead lately to involvement in the science-policy interface.

Main profile in keywords: 
plant coenology, restoration ecology, biodiversity monitoring, research policy, science-polcy interface
Selected publications:


Kövendi-Jakó, Anna ; Halassy, Melinda ; Csecserits, Anikó ; Hülber, Karl ; Szitár, Katalin ; Wrbka, Thomas ; Török, Katalin (2019): Three years of vegetation development worth 30 years of secondary succession in urban-industrial grassland restoration Applied Vegetation Science 2019;22:138–149.


Katalin Török, Anikó Csecserits, Imelda Somodi, Anna Kövendi-Jakó, Krisztián Halász, Tamás Rédei, Melinda Halassy (2018): Restoration prioritization for industrial area applying multiple potential natural vegetation modeling Restoration Ecology 26: 476-488.


Török Katalin, K Szitár, M Halassy, R Szabó, T Szili-Kovács, N Baráth, M.W Paschke (2014): Long-term outcome of nitrogen immobilization to restore endemic sand grassland in Hungary Journal of Applied Ecology, 51: 756–765


Choi YD, Temperton VM, Allen EB, Grootjans A P, Halassy Melinda, Hobbs RJ, Naeth MA, Török Katalin (2008): Ecological restoration for future sustainability in a changing environment. ECOSCIENCE 15: 53-64