IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology

Research, work profile: 

Community ecological, population biological, taxonomical and conservation biological investigations of terrestrial ecosystems.

Investigation of ecosystem services of communities: pollination, biological control, decomposition. Taxonomical, chemotaxonomical and biologically active compound investigations of plants and fungi. Vegetation research and modelling on geographical scale, exploration of community assembly rules based on plant traits. Investigations of natural forest dynamics and the effect of management on forest ecosystems. Studying the function, structure and pattern of grasslands and abandoned croplands. Research on the traditional ecological knowledge related to landscape, vegetation, traditional management in the Carpathian basin. Restoration ecological research related to the recovery of degraded ecosystems based on traditional management and natural regeneration processes. Investigation of the effect of climate change and land-use changes on vegetation in Kiskunság region.

András ABONYI, research fellow
Ildikó ARANY, assistant research fellow
Réka ASZALÓS, research fellow
Sándor BARTHA, PhD, scientific advisor
Péter BATÁRY, scientific advisor
Ákos BEDE-FAZEKAS, research fellow
Bernadett BIRÓ, collaborating researcher (not employed)
Marianna BIRÓ, PhD, research fellow
János BÖLÖNI, research fellow
Gergely BOROS, research fellow
Edina CSÁKVÁRI, assistant research fellow
David CANAL, research fellow
Fruzsina DEMCSÁK, assistant research fellow
László DEMETER, assistant research fellow
László ERDŐS, research fellow
Edit FARKAS, DSc, scientific advisor
Róbert GALLÉ, research associate professor
Melinda HALASSY, PhD, research associate professor
Horváth Teszt-00 EN, assistant research fellow
Mónika JABLONSZKY, assistant research fellow
Katalin VERES, assistant research fellow
Miklós KERTÉSZ, research associate professor
Márton KISS, assistant research fellow
Bence KOVÁCS, assistant research fellow
Anikó KOVÁCS-HOSTYÁNSZKI, research associate professor
Anna, KÖVENDI-JAKÓ, assistant research fellow
György KRÖEL-DULAY, PhD, research associate professor
Kuli-Révész Kitti, assistant research fellow
Eszter LELLEI-KOVÁCS, research fellow
Attila LENGYEL, research fellow
Barbara LHOTSKY, assistant research fellow
Andrea MOJZES, research fellow
Zsolt MOLNÁR, scientific advisor
Gergely NAGY, assistant research fellow
Csaba NÉMETH, engineer
Péter ÓDOR, DSc, scientific advisor
Kinga ÖLLERER, PhD, research fellow
Gábor ÓNODI, research fellow
Raoul Pellaton, assistant research fellow
Tamás RÉDEI, research fellow
Riho Marja, research fellow
Zoltán SOLTÉSZ, assistant research fellow
László SOMAY, assistant research fellow
Imelda SOMODI, research fellow
Flóra TINYA, PhD, research fellow
Edina TÖRÖK, research fellow
Katalin TÖRÖK, PhD, research associate professor
Viktor ULICSNI, research fellow
Anna VARGA, assistant research fellow
Nóra VARGA, assistant research fellow
Ágnes VÁRI, research fellow
Anikó ZÖLEI, assistant research fellow
Sándor ZSEBŐK, research fellow


Cevallos, David, PhD student (not employed)
Hardeep Kaur, supervised student (not employed)
Bruna PAOLINELLI REIS, PhD student (not employed)
Szabó Ágota, supervised student (not employed)


Blik Patrik, assistant
Adrienn GYALUS, assistant research fellow
Krisztina SZABÓ, assistant


Bálint CZÚCZ, suspended employment


Krisztina BERECZKI, maternal leave
Rita ENGEL Ph.D., maternal leave
Ágnes KALÓCZKAI, maternal leave