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welcome to the homepage of the Institute of Ecology and Botany, Centre for Ecological Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA ÖK). By unifying excellence in research, authenticity in science, and a commitment to society, the institute network of the Academy is set to produce values for both national and international success in Hungarian and universal science. Building on our national research traditions, being part of the only full-time research institute network in Hungary, our primary aim is to play a fundamental role in promoting the common weal and in building the foundation for our future through valuable scientific achievements based on highly promising discovery research.

The main research topics of our centre are:

  • the study of the composition, structure, dynamics and functioning of terrestrial ecosystems;
  • the study of the sustainability of ecosystem services from an ecological view;
  • research correlating to the international operative agreements regarding the protection of habitats, and biodiversity;
  • effect analysis of land use providing scientific basis of actions aimed at restoration and the study of the background and relations of ecological processes on global, regional and local scale.

László Zsolt Garamszegi

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Institute of Ecology and Botany
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