assistant research fellow
GINOP Evolutionary Systems Research Group
endredi.anett [at]
+36 1 279 3100 / 309
+36 70 539 0756
Brief description of the main scopes: 

1) Structure and functioning of aquatic food webs
My work is focusing on the relationship between the structure and functioning of different aquatic food webs. I am interested in how the different structural approaches can predict the behaviour (functioning) of a given group/species in a given community.

2) Ecology and ex-situ conservation of endangered plants
With some colleagues in Szent István University, we are examing the ecology (especially germination and reproduction biology) of some Hungarian endangered plant species. Based on the results, we are also working on the ex-situ propagation and reintroduction program of these species to strengthen the in situ populations.

Main profile in keywords: 
food webs, network analysis, statistics, ex-situ conservation, germination
Selected publications:


Gilián L. Diána, Endrédi Anett, Zsinka Bernadett, Neményi András, Nagy János György (2019): Morphological and reproductive trait-variability of a food deceptive orchid, Cephalanthera rubra along different altitudes Applied Ecology and Environmental Research 17(03): pp. 5619-5639
Kovács-Hostyánszki A., Földesi R., Báldi A., Endrédi A., Jordán F. (2019): The vulnerability of plant-pollinator communities to honeybee decline: A comparative network analysis in different habitat types Ecological Indicators 97: pp. 35-50


Endrédi, A., Senánszky, V., Libralato, S., Jordán F. (2018): Food web dynamics in trophic hierarchies Ecological Modelling 368: pp. 94–103
Jordán Ferenc, Endrédi Anett, Liu Wei-chung, D’Alelio Domenico (2018): Aggregating a Plankton Food Web: Mathematical versus Biological Approaches Mathematics 6(12) 336
Móréh Ágnes, Endrédi Anett, Jordán Ferenc (2018): Additivity of pairwise perturbations in food webs: topological effects Journal of Theoretical Biology 448: pp. 112-121.